Purcell Tire believes that we all must play a part in being environmentally friendly by Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling the products that are produced and used. We believe it is our responsibility to assist our customers in being “Green” by reducing their carbon footprint.


The best way to help the environment is to use fewer tires. We can accomplish this through our tire management program, maximizing the amount of tread used, and using high quality tires. There is a wide variety of factors that affect the life of a tire. By focusing on those factors, we can make a tire last longer; the longer a tire will run, fewer tires are needed at an operation.


The next best eco-friendly option is to repair or retread tires. The tread consists of approximately 40% of all of the rubber in a tire; leaving 60% after the tread is used. Retreading will reuse the casing and add new life through a new tread face. This process not only uses less rubber for a “New” tire, a retreaded tire also costs less. Purcell Tire has an OTR tire and several commercial truck tire retread plants.

Old tires can also be reused as Tire Derived Products (TDP). TDP is a beneficial use of scrap tires as opposed to placing them in landfills, such as cattle feeding or water tanks. TDPs are commonly used by the cement industry, paper & pulp industry, and electric utilities.


A tire is recycled when it is used in the creation of new products. Tires can be used whole, cut up into parts, or shredded. Tires can be found in a wide variety of new products: rubber mats, asphalt road base, playground cover and equipment, running tracks, sports fields, golf courses, floor tiles, pavers, concrete additive, roofing products, landscaping products, molded rubber products, and soil additive.

Purcell Tire has several clients that prefer their used tires be recycled instead of putting them into a landfill. Tires are sent to rubber recyclers so that the rubber is reused in different products.


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