Commercial Tires

For more than 80 years, Purcell Tire and Service Centers have been helping commercial truck operators, construction companies, and transportation services with new and retread tires, alignment services, and tire maintenance technology to receive the maximum value for their tire investment dollars and to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

At Purcell Tire and Service Centers, we provide new and retread tires, tire service and tire technology to customers in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Washington State.

Commercial Tires

Our Commercial Tire Centers carry passenger, light truck, medium commercial, industrial, agricultural, and off-road tires designed to meet the needs of our valued customers. Our competitively priced tire lines come from the industry’s top brands: Goodyear, MICHELIN®, Hankook, BFGoodrich®, Dunlop, Uniroyal, Kelly, Camso, Alliance, Onyx, Sun Full, Aurora, Titan and Yokohama.

Downtime means lost revenue. Purcell Tire and Service Centers can help limit downtime by maximizing tire life and minimizing or eliminating tire-related problems. Planning ahead by selecting the best tire for the job is the key. Our trained, knowledgeable and professional sales and service personnel can help you with that planning. And if there is a tire-related problem, we can help.

The Purcell Tire Advantage

WE CERTIFY OUR TECHNICIANS TO DELIVER QUALITY SERVICE All of our tire technicians are Tire Industry Association (TIA) trained to ensure tires are repaired to manufacturer standards. A properly repaired tire is broken down, checked from the inside and any punctures are properly filled to prevent the tires steel cords from rusting and causing a separation.

ALL WHEELS ARE TORQUED TO MANUFACTURER’S SPECS We torque every wheel if we remove it. We do not just use a pneumatic gun to tighten your lug nuts. Proper torque is critical for safety and component integrity.

PURCELL TIRE HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR 80 YEARS We are proud of our time in the tire business. Our team has, combined, over 1,000 years of tire experience. With our time and experience in the tire business, you can bet we have handled any situation you may have.

WE ARE EAST COAST TO WEST COAST With locations from Kentucky to the state of Washington, we have you covered wherever you may go. And if we don’t have a location near you our dealer network does. We have approximately 300 service trucks on the road. Purcell Tire has you covered 24/7/365.

WE DO MORE THAN TIRES At Purcell Tire, we believe in being proactive, not reactive. It doesn’t help our customers when we fix an alignment issue after it has ruined your tires. Saving you money is our goal so we recommend alignment checks (at least) yearly. Our tire and mechanical technicians are all trained in irregular tire wear so we can spot issues before it costs you.

CUSTOMER SERVICE We place a HUGE focus on customer service from every employee. Starting from day one, our training department has an aggressive onboarding process to ensure every employee understands their job and how it affects our valued Purcell customers.

SAFETY Our people take safety seriously, whether it’s in the shop or on the road. We believe safety starts with our Core Values and is extended by training, education, sharing knowledge, and courageous leadership. Safety cannot be just a priority, it must be a standard upon which all work is founded. Safe Enough for Family, Co-workers, and the Public – Every Job, Every Day!

MULTI-BRAND DEALERSHIP We carry multiple brands so you, the customer, have choices and the ability to buy what’s best for your fleet and not just what we have available. Our mobile tire repair service will come to your location for on-site tire repairs and alignments. Our investment in highly skilled tire service professionals coupled with our specialized tire handling equipment illustrates our uncompromising commitment to our valued customers.


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