We Retread ALL Sizes

Including 51", 57", and 63" Tires

Our Commercial Truck and Off the Road Tire Customers can get the performance benefits of new tires without the hefty price tag by choosing Purcell Tire and Service Centers for retreading. Retreading reduces operating costs and extends tire life and performance to maximize efficiency.


It takes specialized equipment, modern technologies, and experienced people to service the tire needs of the mining and earthmoving industries. It’s literally a BIG job! No company does it better than Purcell.


Purcell is a world leader in large tire repair, service, and retreading. Our Potosi, Missouri facility is equipped with the most modern tire repair and retreading equipment and trained personnel available. We can retread tires up to 63 inches, the largest in the world, and the quality of our work leads the industry.

Tires Retread
Retread Process


Downtime means lost revenue. Purcell can help limit down time by reducing tire-related problems. Our mobile repair service will come to your location for on-site repairs. Purcell will pick up your tires for retreading, then return them to you in a timely manner. Our large investment in highly skilled OTR service professionals and specialized tire handling equipment illustrates our uncompromising commitment to our OTR customers.


We have decades of experience in the repair and retreading of earthmover tires. Our customers have a qualified partner who can help maximize the lifespan of their tires and keep their operation productive. There is no substitute for experience, and Purcell has more experience with retreading earthmover tires than any other company in the industry.

Purcell is known around the world as a leader in OTR tire service, repair and retreading. For our customers who have BIG wheels, we have the equipment, experience, and people to keep all equipment rolling.


Retreading tires provides the absolute lowest cost per mile of any tire management strategy. When coupled with other enhanced preventive maintenance measures, a retreaded tire can easily go half a million miles or more. According to the 2013 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue, the average price of a new truck tire is $425; the average price of a retreaded truck tire, including the casing, is $230.

Successful truck tire retreaders know that preparing a casing for retreading is an exact science. The visual inspection of a used truck tire is not enough to make sure all the flaws and nail holes have been detected.

Purcell Tire has invested in pressure testing equipment as the final method of performing casing inspection to verify radial sidewall strength. With the purchase of the Mattuezzi G100 Machine (also called the “Boom Box” because of the loud sound made if a tire ruptures at the highest inflation stage), we analyze three stages of visual inspections.

Different inflation pressures are used during the three inspection stages, which are measured at 25 psi, 65 psi and 115 psi. Inspecting a casing under pressure as the final step can help identify tread and casing separations, missed repairs, other tire deformities and off-center treads.


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