On Site Tire Services

Purcell Tire’s focus is assisting our clients in achieving the best possible operating cost. We offer a wide range of services to help a mine site achieve their production goals and minimize the cost of a production.

Our Global Mining Group has a vast toolbox of products, services, personnel, expertise, and reporting to help a mining operation reduce their overall cost while maximizing production safely.

Tire Management and Service Personnel

An Account Manager works on-site to manage the tire program as well as supervise any Purcell Tire Service Technicians and the work being performed. Our Account Managers are seasoned tire professionals who receive constant training and refresher courses in order to have the most up-to-date information, ideas, and techniques.


Our professionals receive this training directly from tire and wheel manufacturers, as well as shared knowledge from other Account Managers and our worldwide experiences. A mining operation benefits from this knowledge, as a tire management program is constantly re-focused, to achieve the best possible operating cost.

Tire Service Technicians are available 24 hours a day providing complete coverage, servicing all tire activities. They are assigned to specific shifts or are on call as needed. All Purcell Mining employees are required to complete training and mentoring program, regardless of experience.

Safety and Technical Service personnel support the efforts of the Account Manager and Service Technicians at mine site. These personnel occasionally visit to perform work as needed.

Inflation Pressure Checks

Inflation pressure inspections, including air chamber temperature readings, should be taken daily if able, preferably at the fueling station to reduce downtime. At a minimum, all vehicles should be inspected at a minimum of once per week.

Mine Site Evaluations

Purcell Tire conducts regular evaluations of haul roads, loading points, dumping points, and other active working areas; as these areas can have a dramatic impact on overall safety, costs, tire performance, and equipment.

Proactive management of site conditions can directly affect tire safety and performance. Not only does this affect tires, but it also results in lower maintenance cost of the vehicles.

Heat Studies

Purcell Tire recommends conducting a heat study annually, or as profiles change, to ensure the tires are operating within the design specification intended by the individual tire manufacturers.

Heat is generated within the tire as it flexes under load. Increased flexing (due to underinflation, overloading, and various operational causes) distorts the tire from its original designed shape and increases heat generation. Heat generation is the single greatest enemy to tire life. Many factors, such as product quality, load, speed, inflation pressure, distance travelled, excess cycle time, tire construction (e.g. bias vs. radial), tread compound, and ambient temperature contribute to the destructive effects of heat.

On Site Section Program

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Repair Program is critical to keeping tire cost down and assuring complete utilization of tire asset. Tire repairs usually run at 1/10 cost-per-mile or –hour of original tire. If out of service tires are scrapped without proper inspection, thousands of dollars may be scrapped monthly. Our certified programs (on site, off site, or mobile) can fit ongoing needs as any mine site tire program develops.

Wheel Refurbishing and Maintenance Programs

Our process of abrasive blasting, inspections, magnafluxing, grinding clean-ups, painting, tracking, and stamping can help assure safety of current used wheels and/or help management make educated decision on wheel replacement.


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