Safety-Based Work Practices

Purcell Tire believes that the safety of every team member, supplier, contractor, customer, and visitor at an operation, through a “Zero Accident and Injury” policy, is the first and foremost priority. We believe that Safety is a standard, a foundation that all work must be completed on. We will support our mutually agreed-upon safety goals through training, safe work practices, and scheduled safety audits of all processes and mine site locations, as they relate to tire management.

Our certified Safety Instructors are available to train personnel utilizing these, but not limited to, accredited programs:

  • Purcell’s Tire and Wheel Awareness 101
  • TIA Medium Truck Tire Fitter Certification
  • TIA OTR Tire Fitter Certification
  • MSHA Surface Mine Site Certification (Surface and Underground, US standard)
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Purcell’s Vehicle Operator Safety and Operational Best Practices

Key areas for safety evaluations and improvement efforts will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tire Shop Work Pads, Office, and Storage
  • Personal Protective Equipment Condition and Usage
  • Work Equipment Condition and Operation
  • Haul Road, Loading Area, and Dump Area Evaluations for Safety and Operation

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